Massage is a wonderfully personalized therapy that can be adapted to your individual requirements, whether it be soothing relaxation or specific injury work. Our work incorporates various modalities to most effectively meet your specific requirements. Massage therapy will assist you overcome stress, acute and chronic injuries, over-training and a range of other challenges that keep you from feeling your finest.

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  City Shrewsbury, MA
  Zip Code 01545
  Address 422 Boston Trpk
  Phone Number (508) 740-5469

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Therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish massage tailored to your specific needs. Personal training in Functional Patterns helping you create better neuromuscular connections through specific exercise to increase your strength, improve your posture and enhance your movement in whatever you do - work, sports, play, and most importantly help get you out of pain. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2004 and Biosynchronistics since 2010. I continually strive to expand my skill set to better help facilitate my clients' healing journeys most recently becoming a certified personal trainer in 2019 and a Functional Patterns Human Biomechanical Specialist Level 1 in 2020.

Functional patterns exercises work to improve standing, walking gait, running gait and throwing motion while decompressing your joints. By optimizing these four human functions, achieve better health is an inevitability. This truly integrative approach helps you get out pain and bad patterns while get stronger and healthier. I was spending a lot of time hunched over my computer or driving my car, but I thought that if I kept mountain biking and trail running, that would make up for all the sitting.