OWNER & FOUNDER Lorin Parrish has followed a lifelong passion for the healing arts, nutrition, the environment and well being. After years of working & living abroad, Lorin settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1982. Lorin grew up in southern California with a creative passion that became her driving force in everything she did.

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  City Santa Fe, NM
  Zip Code 87505
  Address 333 West Cordova Rd
  Phone Number (505) 986-0362

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Adeline aims to facilitate an integrated sense of wholeness, freedom, and contentment in the body. Her healing approach to bodywork is deeply influenced by her experience as a trained dancer, Kripalu Yoga & meditation instructor, and avid outdoor recreationalist. She works to meet each individual wherever they are in the moment, and offers a sense of groundedness and presence throughout the session. As a bodyworker I listen and hold space to allow your body to restore and recover. I help cultivate your most radiant life force, focussing on compassion and patience, to get you well on your way towards a life of mobility, freedom and happiness.

Improves circulation, flexibility, & relieves pain with firm, yet gentle pressure through a variety of techniques to work with the subtle energies of the body & spirit. Even blend of craniosacral techniques with traditional massage encouraging deeper release of muscular and fascial tension. This subtle bodywork enables your nervous system to more clearly communicate with the rest of your body. A refreshing custom blend of Himalayan sea salts, essential oils and jojoba oil are used to exfoliate and heal the skin.