Benefits of cupping therapy: Relieves inflamatin, clears stagnation, drains & moves fluids, nervous system sedation, expels congestion, stretches muscle & connective tissue, loosens adhesions, lymphatic drainage, nourishing blood provide to the skin. Conditions responding to cupping therapy: Tissue & joint inflamation, Fybromyalgia, Insomnia & general anxiety, Sluggish colon, Poor circulation, Sciatica Schedule an appointment with Robin Pechtel to experience the benefits for yourself.

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  City Saratoga Springs, NY
  Zip Code 12866
  Address 58 Church Street
  Phone Number (518) 248-0090

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Belisama specializes in helping individual heal from injuries, such as whiplash, related to car accidents. Medical massage can be very effective as a compliment to traditional medicine. New York is a no-fault car insurance state which means medical treatment, including massage, is paid for regardless of who is at fault in an accident. We can help navigate the insurance process!

The mood and presence of Belisama Bodyworks is unusual and worth explaining. We are a group of massage therapists who work together to create a space that is welcoming, positive, and relaxing. We consider our work to be "world peace, one body at a time" (to quote Milton Trager). Each of us has a unique style, and yet we all find unity in our impulse of caring, compassionate healing. Belisama is a "woman owned business" and Suzanne deeply cares about the people who receive treatments here, and all of the dedicated people who work here.

Here at Belisama Bodyworks in the heart of Saratoga Springs, NY we take the happiness and health of our customers seriously. If there is someone in your life in need of a massage, or just in need for some pampering, then a Belisama Bodyworks gift card is the perfect present. We craft every session to the needs of our clients and we encourage you to come back & try different sessions with each of us - you'll never get the same massage twice! But you'll always leave feeling more centered, more relaxed, and clearer about why it is you do what you do.

We specialize in massage for two people where friends, family and loved ones are welcome to enjoy a massage together in the same room. Two therapists practice side-by-side creating a peaceful professional atmosphere in an elegant, yet comfortable, environment. Each therapist can customize the massage to meet your unique health goals. Used to help repair damaged parts of muscle connections due to physical or emotional stress. It does so by manipulating the trigger point to increase blood circulation and release it of toxins.