Conveniently situated in the middle of Syracuse, New York, Armory Massage Therapy is situated in historic Armory Square, alongside containing galleries, museums, shops, music, restaurants, clubs, events and other attractions. Our warm, contemporary massage therapy practice is within a building with other business specialists and is only a several minutes away from Syracuse University, Carousel Center, and many local hotels, such as The Genesee Grande, Renaissance, Sheraton, and theJefferson Clinton Hotel and Suites.

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  City Syracuse, NY
  Zip Code 13202
  Address 327 West Fayette Street
  Phone Number (315) 476-0411

From Our Website

Combining the theart of massagewith the science of the body, our dedicated licensed massage therapists provide the finest skilled massage therapy in Syracuse, N.Y. We offer a variety of affordably priced session lengths from 30 to 120 minuteswith an impressive range of therapeutic massageand bodywork: from traditional relaxing Swedish massage; to deeper therapeutic methods including trigger point therapy, connective tissue massage, and deep tissue massage; to massage cupping bodywork and specialized sports massage for athletes, Reiki, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, pregnancy / prenatal massage, and focused approaches for those with specific medical concerns.

By blending a variety oftechniques, you will receive a more complete therapeutic massage, crafted specifically for you. This classic form of massage employs gentle techniques on the outer layers of the body to improve circulation, relieve tense muscles, and encourage relaxation. Trigger points are often caused by acute trauma or repetative microtrauma to the muscle fibers. Trigger point therapy is a direct and focused pressure on constricted and/or tender areas in the muscle which cause discomfort in the localized area and/or referral pain to an area distant from the trigger point.

Gift certificates and E-Gift Certificates are available for purchase online, by telephone, or in person. All online orders are processed through PayPal. Please be sure to fill in your information completely so we may process your gift certificates.

Late Cancelations: We will waive the late cancelation policy for anyone who develops a fever or symptoms of illness. Please call to let us know you feel unwell and we will cancel your appointment without charging you a fee. Client Guests: At this time, we will not allow client guests to wait for clients in the reception area or in session rooms. In the event the guest is a legal guardian of the client an exception is made. Pre-Session Screening: Please expect a phone call health screening within 24 hours before your massage appointment.