The latest cuts, color, perms, highLights, massage, facial and makeup services suited to fit your requirements. We provide professional grade products. The ThermaFuse line of products is the culmination of many years of knowledge, research and work by hair care specialists. Our products were developed by hair care experts that understand the requirements of salon owners, hair stylists and their clients.

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  City Asheville, NC
  Zip Code 28804
  Address 133 Weaverville Road
  Phone Number (828) 645-8585

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We don't know who said it, but we agree wholeheartedly. Having the right stylist for you creates an event in itself that you look forward to. With the right stylist, it's an hour or two to just relax and know that you're being taken care of -- not worrying about the end result, because you know it will be great. We know that one of the most important components of hair and beauty is to listen to our client. Not just about what your day was like (although do tell), but what you want - even if you don't know what you want yet!