For individuals that want to feel better naturally, Amara supplies the finest therapeutic massage at the highest value.

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  City Fort Collins, CO
  Zip Code 80524
  Address 100 West Olive Strt
  Phone Number (970) 484-2629

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Hot basalt stones are used throughout your session to work through tired and sore muscles, enhancing relaxation and depth of the massage. Please see our Intake & Disclosures for more info on if hot stone massage is right for you. Your therapist will gently exfoliate your body from head to toe with a dry brush, encouraging circulation and leaving your skin feeling soft and luxurious! The dry brush is yours to take with you for home use. With continued at home use some clients have reported seeing brighter, healthier and smoother skin.

Thai massage, also known as "lazy man's yoga" or "Thai Yoga Massage" is a unique blend of passive stretching and massage, performed on a table while the client is fully clothed. Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness offers MANY different massage styles. Take the quiz so you can understand which of our treatments might best fit your situation and preferences.

We are the ideal fusion of SPA and CLINIC! If you are looking for a Fort Collins Massage, make sure you're getting the best service possible! Visit Amara and experience why Trip Advisor has listed us as the #1 Spa/Wellness destination in Fort Collins. It is our intention to create a space for our clients that is deeply relaxing while also offering more focused and customized sessions when requested. We guarantee you will love your session! Pressure can be customized regardless of booking style, we will do our best to book you with a team member that offer the pressure that you prefer.

The mission of Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness is to provide exceptional, evidence informed massage and wellness services in Fort Collins, CO. Our environment is the perfect fusion of spa and clinic, open to anyone seeking an amazing massage experience. It is our intention to create a physically and emotionally supportive space for our guests. While in our space, we hope guests can explore a new state of being and relaxation that facilitates living a life with less pain and stress outside of our doors.