Alburtis Neuromuscular Institute is proud to teach Thai Yoga Massage in the tradition of Kam Thye Chow and the Lotus Palm School. The Lotus Palm form emphasizes using the least amount of effort to achieve maximum results. Training focuses on the skillful use of proper alignment, body mechanics and positioning of the practitioner.

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  City Alburtis, PA
  Zip Code 18011
  Address 202 North Main Street
  Phone Number (610) 967-3117

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ANI creates an opportunity for people that feel tired, weak to take their power back. I recently started this blog during the lock-down as a way to remind each and everyone that during difficult times we can still achieve great things. I enjoy advising, talking, writing and wanted to share this gift with the world. Your Mental Health is important to ANI. ANI provides you with a platform to understand your emotions better and heal from the trauma that is holding you back.